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Welcome to The Grassroots Network

 The Grassroots Network blossomed from a “Stay at Home” Mom’s passion to reach out to women who needed guidance and support. This was and still is a ministry that she embraces. January 2012, after several years of random events and informal gatherings, Connie T Quintero's vision led to the development of The Grassroots Network. This organization evolved into an effective and affordable networking resource for women entrepreneurs.

With God’s grace, the labor of love shared by The Grassroots Network Leadership Team has blessed so many. Grassroots Chapters have now expanded into dozens of cities in the Southern California area. We invite you to visit a Grassroots Chapter soon. See the possibilities.

In a lifetime, you will embark in a dozen different business ventures… and it will take the relationships that you nurtured along the way to help get you through all the hurdles they bring.” ~ Connie T Quintero