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Setting The Right Example

The example this sets to our grassroots managers, players and parents is truly terrifying. A referees job is hard enough without being undermined and screamed

at constantly.

Our younger players are impressionable, the top level have no clue what influence they have on grassroots football. The diving, covering of mouths while talking and worst of all the clear lack of respect for referees. A local league last week deciding to take action and cancel all fixtures is a clear wake up call that should not be ignored. There is a lot of positives in the professional game that translates to grassroots, but there is also a more dangerous side that jeopardises the enjoyment of players at all levels and ages.

At the moment it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, BUT I personally still have faith grassroots, football clubs and players that we all have a shared responsibility to make sure we can make match days a better environment.

I look forward to the future and any ideas and actions the grassroots community puts into place.

TGN #thegrassrootsnetwok #grassrootsfootballuk

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